About Primal Survival Podcast

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Who we are

Sheri & Chad Freeman are the host of the Primal Survival Podcast. Sheri has always loved the outdoors. Growing up you would always find her competing in one of the many sports she played. When Sheri & Chad met, they knew they had very similar passions and wasted no time exploring the wilderness together.

Chad was always someone you would find in the woods. Chad was a firefighter for many years in both North & South Carolina where he learned a great deal about survival and rescue. He would spend weeks in the woods practicing and learning new survival skills. Chad & Sheri both feel its important to teach and offer a platform for teaching people the art of survival.

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Sheri is originally from Denver, Colorado. She moved to the South more than 20 years ago. Sheri has always loved the great outdoors and began to experiment with survival when she met Chad. Sheri's background is heavy with comptetive sports and is a big reason she would play a vital role in a survival situation.



Chad is originally from Asheville/Hendersonville area of North Carolina. Growing up in the mountains, Chad quickly fell in love with the great outdoors. Like Sheri, Chad was also involved in sports growing up. When he was not playing sports, you could always find Chad in the woods. Chad has a background in firefighting and rescue and over the years he has developed his skills in the survival field.