UN Report stressing Global Warming impact

Climate Change has been a highly debated and politicized topic for some years now. Just about every topic the world discusses turns political. This could prove to be very dangerous for life on earth. No matter what political side you choose, the reality of Global Warming is a real possibility. We are writing this article on a survival website for good reason. The Earth’s temperature has been rising for many years now.

It’s tough to ignore that we are having stronger storms every year, more wildfires and drought, and extreme flooding. Could this all be caused by Global Warming?

Pollution causing global warming

Why 12 years left to stop Global Warming?

Scientist around the world are stressing the fact that Climate Change is real and everyone must do something now to stop it! “It’s a line in the sand and what it says to our species is that this is the moment and we must act now,” said Debra Roberts, a co-chair of the working group on impacts. Debra goes on to say that this is the largest alarm ever to be raised by the scientific community. She hopes this may motivate people out of complacency.

wildfires from global warming

What does this mean for survivalist?

One of the things we talk about on the Primal Survival Podcast often are Natural Disasters. Natural Disasters, for the most part, are a very realistic way to find yourself in a survival situation. Although not everyone believes in Global Warming, we should still prepare for storms to become stronger, and all other disasters caused by Global Warming.

This is something we urge all people to do, forget politics and do a little research on the facts. A smart survivalist prepares for all possibilities, and if Climate Change is as bad as they say it is, we better prepare quickly. Scientist are proposing a 12-year plan to slow down carbon emission. Many scientists believe it can be done but not without a radical change.

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