Welcome to the Primal Survival Podcast website! The entire purpose of this Survival Podcast is to Discover, Educate, Inspire, Inform, and Prepare you for all survival situations. We are very excited about the community we are going to build with each and every one of you in the future.


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Group Survival Trip

As I mentioned above, we want to build a community with our listeners and readers. One of the most important aspects of learning anything is sharing experience and resources. We want the Primal Survival Podcast to be the hub for everything Survival Gear, Information, Trips, and more. With your help, we can build this community into the largest survival network in the world!!!

Vision For The Brand

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We hope to encourage each and every one of you to do what you can to prepare now! I say it many times over, if you are caught off guard in a survival situation with no experience, your chances are typically low for success. The great thing about a podcast is that you can listen while doing other things!

As far as our brand, we want to give you the best information, gear, connections, and entertainment. We would love to one day have our own top quality survival gear that is tried and tested by you, the listeners. In this news section, we will continually update our content and give you the most up to date information, survival tip’s and tricks, and news. We would also love to feature some of your survival stories right here on our primal survival podcast website. We will also be working on a survival social media platform where you the community can come together and talk about everything survival! We can’t wait to hear from each and every one of you!